Threats ranging

from global terrorism


workplace violence...

Have forced companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security programs

Global Risk International brings innovation to the field of security and defense consulting and professional services by employing a proven risk reduction methodology to aid its clients in the development and establishment of full-spectrum, effective and cost-efficient security measures.


we provide training

Global Risk International has a rich history of training resources for government, law enforcement, NGO's, Humanitarian, and other organizations.

We offer multiple programs ranging from tactical training to advanced training for law enforcement and military personnel and to professional certification and continuing professional development programs.


Our foundational and humanitarian courses empower under-represented students to become gainfully employed and to start a new career.


sourcing future tech

Strategic sourcing
and Supply Chain Operations

Global Risk International is uniquely positioned in the market to both assess potential clients' operational needs and provide relevant feedback to technology companies. GRI assesses the homeland security marketplace to guide technology companies in filling critical gaps in the inventory of security technology solutions currently available on the market.

GRI contracts with security-related technology manufacturers to allow us to provide a variety of next-gen, cutting edge technologies in the security & defense sector.  As such, GRI can procure a combination of domain knowledge and experience
across different platforms.

* Some equipment offerings are subject to change, are subject to availability; and are constrained by
export rules and regulations, country of origin vs. destination and/ or end-user certification.

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intelligence services

As a part of its Intelligence Services, GRI conducts Geopolitical, Region & Country Surveys, Due Diligence Research Intelligence, Gathering & Analyses Surveillance & Target Analyses.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) are integral parts of any security & defense program.  These include timely intelligence products, assessments and advice to guide decisions on policy, to inform research and to engineer new systems to support operations.

GRI offers our clients a wide range of mission support services ranging from Basic Asset Protection to Advanced Special Operations Support such as asset recovery, HUMINT, close target reconnaissance and high-risk hostile arrests. GRI can react
with haste to any corner of the globe so long as the mission is “sanctioned”.


BENEFITS of choosing GRI

Depth of Experience

Independent and Prudent Decision-making

Extensive Range of Services

Global Risk International has a network of SMEs that are proven in providing comprehensive security consulting services through extensive field experience and industry-recognized certifications.

Our security recommendations are independent and are practical.  They are not influenced by compensation or remuneration from manufacturers or system integrators.

Threat analyses and vulnerability assessments, master plan development, business impact analyses, operational readiness and systems evaluations are just a few of the services provided by GRI.


who are we?

We are headquartered in the UK... and have offices in the US and in India

Our network of partners, strategic advisors and service providers range from Canada to the Philippines, from Colombia to Helsinki and from Belarus to South Africa. Contact us today to see how we can be of service to you.


we are fully compliAnt with:

UK Department of Trade & Industry and Department of International Trade


US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Section 38(b)(1)(A)(ii) of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) (22 U.S.C. 2778)

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