Global Risk International is an international security consulting company, covering a wide range of market sectors across the world including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Africa, UAE, Kuala Lumpar and India.

The world is an uncertain place and such factors as a country's economic status, social and cultural influences and political unrest can have a significant impact on a company in various way including influencing its operations, decision-making processes, profitability and overall success.

At Global Risk International, we work with our clients to mitigate as many of those risks as possible and often involves various government agencies, law enforcement, intelligence organizations, and other private sector companies to facilitate our expertise in security and counterterrorism. Global Risk International plays a crucial role in enhancing national and international security with intelligence and analysis, security consulting, risk assessment, technology solutions, training and education and crisis management and response.

Global Risk International has been providing our clients with deep expertise in the Security & Defense sector, specializing in Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments; Anti-Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism Trainingand specialized equipment sourcing & procurement for over 10 years. We have recently augmented our company with new assets that have core competencies in Technology, Law Enforcement and other consulting Services. The result of combining our collective expertise gives us the ability to provide our clients with the appropriate solutions to handle today's challenges - and keep our clients and their assets out of harm's way. We are prepared to assist you and your colleagues today. We are headquartered in the UK, have regional offices, and a wider network of partners around the globe.

Since 2012, GRI has been providing independent security consultant with solutions including:

It's important to note that counterterrorism efforts often require a high level of expertise, adherence to legal and ethical standards, and close collaboration with government agencies and law enforcement. Global Risk International prioritize security, confidentiality, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Additionally, the nature of counterterrorism work is sensitive and can involve classified information, so Global Risk International exercises discretion and maintain strict confidentiality in their operations. Counterterrorism is a critical component of national and global security, and the work of Global Risk International contributes significantly to efforts to prevent and respond to terrorist threats.

"Put your Faith in God, and your Trust in Us"

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