A-GLOSS Global Agency (Website)

A-GLOSS specializes in crisis resolution and risk management, employing cutting-edge intelligence and counter-intelligence techniques, coupled with comprehensive security and protection procedures. The company's core focus lies in developing tailored strategies for countries, companies, citizens, and institutions. A-GLOSS offers a range of services, including advice, consultancy, ongoing support, on-site operations, and the provision of equipment. 

The company is dedicated to creating ad hoc strategies and training programs that align with contemporary safety culture, addressing high-risk global conflicts and providing comprehensive security solutions with a global presence. Leveraging extensive international experience, A-GLOSS operates within the realms of Security, Intelligence, and Defense. Their services cover the rapid and effective resolution of severe crises, including on-site operations such as ground troop deployment when necessary. A-GLOSS also engages in the development and execution of proactive defense strategies, responding to threats and attacks at the national, international, and regional levels. The company's approach is characterized by a proactive, reactive, efficient, professional, and responsible stance, grounded in a high level of specialization across various disciplines.

A-GLOSS specializes in the following services:

  • Cyber Security
  • Defense
  • Security
  • Intelligence

A-GLOSS boasts a team of highly trained professionals equipped for swift responses, interventions in high-stress situations involving injuries, and the resolution of urgent problems. Our expertise includes secure entry and protection in hazardous areas, as well as imparting knowledge on techniques for handling risky situations. We specialize in risk analysis and prevention, rescue operations, health emergencies, military and police health protocols, tactical combat casualty care, and serving as first interveners. Additionally, our team is well-versed in protocols against indiscriminate attacks.