Global Risk ensures the safety and security of individuals, Company's - large and small or for local, regional or National Governmental departments.

We provide a professional service for Governments (international and local), humanitarian and aid agencies, corporations, non-government organizations, as well as assisting prominent individuals.

We have at our disposal aircraft , vessels and all types of land based vehicles for all situations.

Our company insist that all personnel act in an ethical and fair manner showing dignity and care to all, regardless of the situation.

We specialize in sourcing and supplying including the logistics of a diverse range of items and services.

Having an office in Malta gives us a strategic advantage being geographically placed in the southern region of mainland Europe with easy access to the Middle East and Asia and while being just off the coast of Northern Africa (EMEA).

One of our core business's is the supply of Armoured Vehicles (B4,B5, B6, B7, VR7, NIJ, STANAG armoring levels) for Government, Military and Security companies operating in hostile regions. We also supply to High Risk Private Individuals through our Security Partners. We have a full range of Bullet Proof Vests, Ballistic Proof Helmets, Body Armour, Riot Shields and other related Security Products.