9 October 2019: Lamu Port latest


Follow up with this;

"KPA management has confirmed Maersk has committed to bring a ship to call at Lamu Port."


Question to ask backwards, is what arrangements did Government agree with Maersk, and again would Maersk risk the port inefficiencies similar to the situation in Mombasa, I think No, me - think part of the reason CT2 was confidential has to do with Lamu port.

It is important to note that Dockworkers union love South Africa, the thinking of the intelligence community is that KPA Human Resource (Employee Relations) and the Dock workers Executives have been infiltrated by South African Intelligence to slow automation, and modernization of Mombasa port.

Government keeping CT2 and Lamu arrangements confidential, is a national security imparative, given that Lapset will be in direct competition with South African port of Durban.

Lamu is much closer to middle East, Europe and Asia, compared to Durban. This distance would provide the World’s largest container shipping companies cost advantages.

It is not lost to Analysts that the leadership of the blue Economy is a service man, this is critical, the people fighting port modernization are 'agents' of south African business interests.

It is even emerging that the financiers of the group that took Government to court over the privitization of CT2 Operations are linked to a south African group, that has infiltrated KPA industrial policy and the dock workers union leadership.

Due to the sensitivity, and diplomatic niceties Government has restrained itself, Going forward - ministry of interior, Treasury, and the ministry of blue Economy will be hard on officials cotowing to South African business interest.

 Restriction of officials unnecessary trips to South Africa - with the objective of disrupting espionage, and Illicit relationships with foreigners, undermining national security imparatives has begun.

 New policy to tame subversion

September 25, 2019 - _ ES: 1/02/'D' (53)_

The National Treasury and Planning circulated new guidelines on expenditure control measures.

Of significant interest to port modernization and other critical infrastructure is on;

(I) Training : Except of specialized training. All training should be conducted in government institutions. - For institutions in the blue Economy,  Government is investing heavily in Bandari maritime college (Mombasa & Kisumu).

(III) Foreign Travel : Accounting Officers ( Managing Director)  should ensure that;  

 __International meetings, workshops, seminars, and study tours, are justified in terms of benefits to the people of Kenya; and that all benchmarking and study tours are immediately suspended until further notice.


There will be attempts by rogue Officers of the Authority to ignore this directive, unfortunately for them it will result in prosecution and asset seizures.

DCI is already camped at the port Investigating aspects of subversion nexus Illicit activities at the port.

 Media reports

" Tanzania has also been accused of actively placing road-blocks on Kenya’s trade with Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

 None of this comes as a surprise to analysts who witnessed Dar’s departure from Comesa to join the Southern Africa Development Community.

 Indeed, there was talk then that South Africa had lured Tanzania into SADC to build a firewall against Kenya’s encroachment into southern Africa.'


When one looks at the threat picture painted in the article above, it's common sense that south African Intelligence in cahoots with Tanzanian Authorities will seek to capture Kenya Ports Authority industrial merchinary inorder to disrupt port modernization.