5 August 2019: Organized Crime Assessment

Transnational Organized Crime: Pakistani Customs Authority probes suspected money - laundering in imports from China.

Case Study: Threat of the Hawala System

"Customs authorities have initiated money-laundering and tax evasion probe into the transfer of billions of rupees worth of foreign currency through hawala into bank accounts mostly in China for import of packaging material by at least two local importers."



"The security council has even expressed concern that terrorists can benefit from organized crime as a source of financing or logistical support through the trafficking of arms, persons, drugs, artefacts and cultural property.

Unanimously adopted resolution 2482 (2019), the 15 - member Council further expressed concern that terrorist can benefit from the Illicit trade in natural resources, kidnapping for random, and extortion, among other."

For instance, Pakistani merchants are mainstreamin investors in the region, they are a  mixed pool, you have scrupulous and unscrupulous traders in this cohort..o


Pakistani's are strong in import business, trading in used cars, a trade that is also associated with drug trafficking, and other Illicit trade.

There footprint is spread all across the Indian Ocean, spreading investment into East Africa.  The new new guidelines on cargo clearence at the Mombasa port, will lead to an increased scattering of crime to interlands.

Kisumu will be a city to watch, like Mombasa there's a sizable Asian Community native of the region. It is ideal for unscrupulous traders to base themselves, and infiltrate cross - border trade.

It is this risk of Mombasa port crime shifting
base to the interlands, that Authorities needs to counter, and plan alongside the revitilization of the lake transport, and the Operationalization and interfacing of the Kisumu port, and other regional lake ports of Mwanza ( Tanzania)  and Port Bell ( Uganda).


The fishermen - soldiers conflict playing out at the Lake Victoria, is a threat that must be addressed.  Establishing the root course of the conflict is imperative.

This conflict associated with Uganda's security apparatus is also linked to illicit trade spread, it is an immediate and a future threat to peace and investments in the lake Basin, if this conflict gets infiltrated by Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) it will have a serious impact on socio-political dynamics towards legitimate cross border trade..

The immediate area is endowed with natural resources, and strategically located to exploit - Northern Corridor, Central Corridor and Western Corridor.

The Lake transport echosystem if properly utilized could develop into an Intra-africa transport hub, that is if cross - border Crime is contained, and to emerging threat to peace and security.