31 December 2019: Analysis DPP


The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is the office, under Kenya's 2010 Constitution, responsible for instituting and undertaking criminal proceedings against any person before any court (other than a court-martial) in Kenya with respect of any Offence alleged to have been committed.

The DPP has attacked corruption at is very core, where it hurts the most. Patronage system and the gate keeping system has been a serious problem in reforming the criminal justice system and the war on corruption.

The Networks are vicious, to navigate the justice system under such arrangement is impossible.

The decision to target rogue prosecutors, who served the interest of corrupt people, and used their offices to intimidate witnesses to obstruct justice.

Government resolve to implement a scorched-earth policy will 'degrade' the influence of the enemies within, an indication that 2020 the DPP intends to flush out criminals in the justice system, and vigorously pursue corrupt public officials.