30 September 2019: Mombasa Port latest

"More than $600m (Sh60 billion) worth of Kenya's old 1,000 shilling notes have yet to be turned in with just hours before the deadline for demonetisation of old generation notes.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) remains at a loss as to where the cash could be, but is making a final push to find it."



Illicit flows are often linked to port based - Transnational Organized crime.
Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) working with the multiagency are 'agressively hunting' those who might be culprits who have engineered the loss of $400 million (Sh40 billion) every year since 2011 through illicit financial flows.

It is a known fact that KPA irregularly pays out billions to wheeler-dealers yearly on ficticious projects.  The 60 billion is suspected to be in assets controlled by corrupt port officials, and godfather's in related ministries and Mombasa political Landscape.