3 August 2019: Mombasa Analysis

"Reports indicate that the detectives had trailed the traffickers from Brazil where they sourced the drugs to Juba in South Sudan, through Kampala Uganda, to Nairobi and finally to its final destination Mombasa.

The seizure follows months-long investigations over the illicit drugs business in the Mombasa city, referred to as ‘gateway to East Africa.’


There's a Nexus between Illegal fishing and drug trafficking in Lake victoria.

The common drug smugglers method through Kisumu port is to use Condoms and insert the same inside dead fish, and then pass the same to rogue security people for distribution deep into Kenya, for markets in Mombasa and Nairobi.

There's also a market emerging in Arab manyatta in Kisumu, and other port neighborhoods.

It is not uncommon for unexplained fishing vessels to make visits at the Kisumu pier, purposely to avoid the nosey Kisumu county inspectorate officers, and beach committees who also serve as informers to Intelligence Community.

The pier a smuggling drop points for nacotics distribution from Uganda.

The pier provides an excellent cover for criminals to operate, it is a restricted area access is controlled, and the guards System provide - look out  services for rogue port officials and traffickers.


It is not lost to observers a resistance by policy makers to streanthen border security procedures for Kisumu Outerports

There's also of structural ambiguities that criminals exploit, it's like a backdoors or backup is provided for Illicit businesses to practice.

KPA must discourage the  culture of 'see - no - evil - say - No - evil' that has emerged at the Outerports.

Managment reprisals on whistle blowers undermine port security, and Homeland security.

The policy on Customs control must be implimented, the exit of uninspected, 'conflict' fish from the lake victoria Islands, water spaces controlled by Ugandan People Defence Forces ( UPDF) with links to unscrupulous traderz finding access to Kisumu through the pier must be 'disrupted', if Kisumu port is to be revitalized.


It is this 'conflict' fish that is the source of fishermen complaining of harrassment by Uganda's security forces, working in cahoots with our own governments accomplices.

Border managment committee (BMC) must prohibite Government officials from coming to the pier in conivance with Operations personnel to smuggle out 'conflict' fish. This will stem drug trafficking, and 'conflict' minerals being smuggled into the country.


Kisumu pipeline is not the only entry point where fish is used in drug trafficking.
Intel - Log : In the United States, February 1, 2018. New York City,
"$10 million worth of fentanyl found hidden inside confiscated fish"


Drug trafficking is increasingly becoming a concern through KPA controlled facilities at the Outerports, as crime scatters out of Nairobi Inland Container Depots, and Mombasa port to the inland waterways.