3 August 2019: Kisumu Analysis


Kisumu port smuggling pipeline, and Kisumu ICD smuggling drop point.


Between 2017/18, facilities at the Kisumu outerports traded massively in Illicit Maize.

According to Auditor General Edward Ouko, in his latest report tabled in the National Assembly, claims that the Strategic Grain Reserve Fund imported maize at a cost of Sh34.8 billion, but records at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) only show maize valued at Sh31.3 billion was delivered.

Audit states;

" Eldoret, Kisumu, Moi's Bridge, Kitale and Nakuru depots, where he said some individuals supplied as much as 200,000 bags without showing proof that they actually harvested such quantity of maize.


Kisumu ICD smuggling drop point also served a duel use, those trading in Illicit Maize also imported ethanol concealed in-between Illicit Maize, ethanol is a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars; alcohol

The consequence of mixing cereals and ethanol in a tightly parked hot environment, led to a spread fermentation process, resulting in what the audit reports;

'Another consignment valued at Sh342 million also went to waste after it was contaminated with aflatoxin.'

Notably; as they say 'apple does fall far from the tree's, the most affected Depot was the National Cereals Board Facility in Kisumu.

Surprisingly, just like the KPA Kisumu Depot facility is heavily parked with one single  'community controling distribution, so is National Cereals Board Depot is under the control of the same Community.

The Authority lost control of its system integrity to organized crime.

"The report further exposed how the agency procured maize without the required approval system and how some traders infiltrated the system to supply thousands of bags of maize at the expense of vetted farmers."

Criminal infiltration of entry points is more 'prounounced' in Kisumu outerports. KPA surrendered  the entry points to a neferious political correctness, where rogue staff from the 'correct' communities engage in economic sabotage.

#Evidence -  surveillance images/Intelligence perspective/observable Conclusion.

Inftration of the guards system in Kisumu, usuping of security oversight responsibility, 'conspiracy' with unscrupulous traders in Kisumu and neighbouring counties to evade tax and traffic contraband.

Attached images of actual crime scene.

(1). One will notice the plastic packaging used in concealment of ethernol.

(2). And the drying and airing of maize to conceal contermination of maize - through the spread of fermentation' , by likely spill of ethernol on  the illegally imported cearals.

Note, the staging area was Kisumu Depot, residencial section - 'purposely to confuse the surrounding Community, and agencies with offices at the depot.

KPA 'persons of interest' - are the head of Inland waters, and the leadership of security department at the Mombasa port, for covering up Illicit activities in Kisumu Outerports.


Corrupt port officials must be investigated for Criminal defamation of security operatives to undermine there standing in the system, abuse of office, membership to a Criminal syndicates, drug trafficking, botlege maize, organized  tax evasion scheme, Subversion', and Criminal conspiracy to endanger lives of security operatives, and any other charges the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Kenya will deem fitting..