26 July 2019: Tanzania Analysis

#Analysis: President Magufuli and Kenyatta make history in Africa, returns gold, Sh15 million seized at JKIA, from the Lake port City of Mwanza, Tanzania.


Disrupting 'State Capture' at the Lake basin region, endowed with mineral wealth is on. The port City of Mwanza has been an Illicit pipeline for minerals trafficked out of Congo and Tanzania.

Crime scattering from the ports of Dar es salaam (Tanzania) and Mombasa port (Kenya) has increasingly been observed in the growing sophistication and complexities involved in illegal mineral metals trade.

In cognizance of the threat, Kenya and Tanzania have partnered to revamp trade in the lake basin region, and to degrade the growing Transnational organized crime in Lake victoria.

Illicit market

Threat actors increasingly, exploited international appetite for illegal minerals to plant gangs at the entry points.

Criminals also capitalized on the new smuggling pipeline to dupe unsuspecting public.


Illicit market

The growing illicit trade in the Lake basin region has also alarmed international partners, it is only a few days the a deal to streanthen cross - border security, between Kenya and Tanzania, were the two heads of state promised to crack down on Illicit pipeline, and terror financing.

Lake basin security is a global security imparative. The recent actions have been followed Isrealis Intelligence, alerting Uganda's intelligence of a terrorist recruiter ( Hezbollah) cell linked to Iranians, who on feeling pressure from reinvigorated intelligence actions in East Africa, left Tanzania in haste, and was arrested in Uganda, trying to flee the region.