26 August 2019: SITREP Homa Bay

"The 35-year-old man (name withheld) was allegedly assaulted to death and his body damped in the boot of the car, parked in a thicket at Wiga village, Homa Bay Sub County "



We have pointed out the cleaning up of Kisumu port and neighborhoods will have a blowback.

Homa Bay pier is particularly pipeline serving Kisumu pier, it is also a facility KPA operations officers homerage revenue - through proxies associated with Kisumu gangs.  It will be interesting to know what law enforcement estanlishes.

This much is clear, the violence use on the deceased is signature gangland attack. A similar situation was also logged early 2018 at Railways quarters Kisumu port neighborhood.

It is imperative for the Authority to minimize corruption risks at entry points, the growing levels of crimes in port neighborhoods  is an alarming escalation conciding with entrenched patronage system in Outerports.

This network scattering'crime from Mombasa port and ICD Nairobi, must be investigated and degraded for Inland waterways to develop..