26 August 2019: Mombasa Port latest

The Network is real, it has just   victimized an HR officer. The guy facing attack is being shown to keep to his lane - by  the network - controlling  Illicit relationships in Outerports (ICD Nairobi/Kisumu port, and related smuggling pipelines.

Despite detectives storming Mombasa port,  it's all Business as usual for the network in Nairobi, the is threat is intact.

 The HR officer Mr. Arigi neively asked the obvious, loudly wondering why there is an active parallel structure and reporting lines installed at the outerports, operating outside the KPA approved structure ?.

 He was quickly contained, he received what to me is a management reprisals for his naivety, and attempt to 'disrupt' system malpractices. This network' will 'fix him for sure', it is that corrupt.