23 October 2019: Analysis of Russia - East Africa relationship

“We have something to offer our African friends. This, in particular, will be discussed at the upcoming summit. And of course, we aim, together with our African partners, to uphold common economic interests and protect them from unilateral sanctions, including by reducing the share of the dollar and switching to other currencies in mutual settlements,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview for TASS.


East Africa is the region to watch, despite being the fastest growing region in Africa, it's faced with existential threat from 'ruthless oil and gas warlords' who have manufactured loads of conflicts in Africa.

This group now has focus on the horn of Africa, and East African coast. Moscow offering business ties and security arrangements alternative to 'colonial-style' relations with the West is timely.

The region has to look out for mercenaries or jihadist the oil and gas industry could plant to blackmail the region. It imparative following the growing Illicit relationships the oil warlords and the Al-shabaab enjoy, for leadership in the region to invite Russia and China to have their military bases in the community.


Indeed oil and gas industry is curse, before the region exploited it's mineral resources the Al-shabaab were a terrorist organization, when indication showed that the region is open to trade in oil and gas, Al-shabaab markings charged into a local militia.

Since then, the West has pursued 'disruptive' policies that have the risk of terror growing significantly, accompanied by Transnational organized crime.

It is not lost on observers that the American Somali President is pushing to disrupt East African borders, all the way to southern africa, using a Western funded court whose president is conviniently a Somali.

It's all politics of oil and gas contract negotiations, despite the risk involved in fueling regional instability. Much as the gas and oil warlords don't care, The failure of leadership from the West means Russia is the stabilizing force the region needs