2 October 2019: Analysis of Eritrea and South Sudan relationship

Government of Eritrea extended to the struggle of the people of South Sudan, expressed readiness to work for the development of friendship and mutual cooperation between the two countries.'



In the absence of cleaning the port of Corruption, things can go sideways for Mombasa port.

Already, Eritrea is seducing southsudan with access to Asmara port through Ethiopia, leveraging on economic of scale.

Corruption and incompetence is making the cost of doing business through the mombasa port steep, this would explain Governments alarm, and the desire for branch and root clean up of the rot.

It is thus imparative to clean the image of KPA once and for all. Once the two countries firmup agreement to open a new transport Corridor Uganda-southsudan - ethiopia - eritrea, it will complicate the Lapset corridor, and directly impact on the viability of Lamu port.

Dismantling Corruption syndicates at the Mombasa port will introduce the necessary port efficiency that will attract shipping lines into Kenyan ports,

Unfortunately managment system mindset and leadership still operate a patronage system, stripping the port of talent and entrepreneur goodwill, lacking risk awareness that the region is fast closing in on Mombasa port.