19 October 2019: SITREP Mombasa Port "drug hub"



This article has a lot of Truth, just recently Kenya coast guard service and the Kenya Navy, uncovered a smuggling pipeline at the Kisumu port, KPA Officers Managing the Facility in cahoots with the local security apparatus sought to cover-up the heist.

KRA and Coast guards were not amused, this cargo was locked in the Customs shed while the local apparatus drugged it's feet on unmask the culprits.

It's emerging that an Ugandan network - linked to its military, Intelligence and customs are working in cahoots with KPA Officers, local gangs and security people to traffic drugs scattered from Mombasa port, into Uganda, for redistribution inland for local consumption and markets abroad exploting increased aviation traffic in the region.

The military footprint in Kisumu port has temporarily disrupted this drug trafficking network. It's not lost to the establishment that minutes generated from Kisumu port, lacks information relating to Illicit trade. Making it near impossible for the Authority to institute measures to reign in Illicit relationships at the entry points.

Street Intelligence indicate that the recent intercept of drugs shipped from Uganda and Illicit alcohol, concealed in bags of charcoal are linked to a KPA official whose wife trades in Illicit scrape metal and charcoal  trade in kondele area.

The officer is part of a KPA group linked to criminal gangs in Kisumu. It is unclear who are the top Officers in the Authority, and politics protecting this criminal network, now associated with international drug trade