19 October 2019: SITREP Decoding meanings and detecting deception

We aren't looking for the lie – we are looking for the truth.

The MD's body language is telling, we will look at the body language cues from the [video].

The chief executive is the fellow on a white KPA branded shirt on it's sleeves, he is sitting next to Mvita member of paliament, one Mr.Nasir - wearing kofia and a blue kanzu.

The CEO looks worried, hasling the mp for some kind of answers on matters' likely related to the ongoing Investigations, likely pressing for support.

The mp on the other hand is playing it polite, from his body language it suggest some type of impatience and agitation.

 Body language forensics

Intelligence Community and criminal Analysts are surely decording the similar cues for situational intelligence (SITREP) awareness log registers.