19 October 2019: Corruption Analysis

Once Kenya Railways transferred inland waterways assets Kisumu port and lake Victoria piers - to the Authority, Corrupt Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) officials in Operations and Security Department got into a Partnership with unscrupulous traders in Tanzania, Burundi, and Congo to shift drug trafficking networks to Kisumu.

Appointments and deployments emerged as structural enablers of this partnership.

The 'capture' of Human Resource system was the lynchpin of doing business in Kisumu port.

It is this enabler that has once again made Mombasa port a key drug trafficking hub.

There are two glaring issues that warrant closer attention, the role of tribalism in the Operationalization of these networks.

The concentration of the dorminant politically correct communities to dorminate Kisumu and the lack of sustainable managment strategies to disrupt Illicit relationships has resulted in a crime convergence, of Corrupt Procurement syndicates protecting Officers linked to drug trafficking syndicates.

These deadly formations have become a political problem, with the officers 'directly undermining' revitilization of Kisumu port.