17 August 2019: Kisumu Port Assessment

"Security around the port has also been tightened and critical infrastructure police deployed at the port, a source said. Also deployed to the port is a Coast Guard unit that will now man the facility round the clock."


Governments in the region are addressing the the threat of 'Crime scattering' from the port Dar -es Salaam, Tanzania, and Mombasa port, Kenya.

Deployment and the lead role in the installation of critical infrastructure police and the Coast Guard unit at the Kisumu pier is a game changer.

There has been a serious concern of the growing infiltration of port governance and administrative structures of Inland waterways, spreading out to the interlands from its traditional bases in Mombasa, and Dar -es - Salaam.

'eliminate Illicit relationships'

It is important for port Authorities in the East African to disrupt the networks that had infiltrated the corridor.

Kenya has disrupted the grouping, it's imparative to eliminate the threats by effectively overhauling the the Operational infrastructure, to eliminate the threat of INSIDER THREAT and economic saboteurs.

We however can agree that Kenya has made the right move, so far the developing security arrangements is indeed sufficient.

The new program will secure the lake facility, and the same mitigate encroachment, infiltration and the scattering' of coastline Criminal' syndicates to the Inland waterways.

The Administration Police (AP) Deputy Inspector General is the Boss of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU). He will address the Structural ambiguities that. created loopholes for Corruption to thrive at border points facilities

“CIPU is mandated to protect electricity, banks, government buildings and installations, water points and cash in transit. Others are critical infrastructure and energy infrastructure."