16 October 2019: Uhuru latest

The head of state claimed that he had been misled that MV Uhuru was defunct, adding that he was able to see the ship going and coming back from Uganda.

"Our people in Kisumu, they (some people) were saying that its scrap (MV Uhuru), I was there yesterday and I saw with my own eyes, the ship they were saying was scrap is working," Uhuru said.

The president did not however name people who had allegedly misled him, leading to abandoning of plans to revamp Kisumu Port earlier on.



We will try to 'identify the likely culprits' who might have attempted to mislead the head of State - through  mandates of the concerned agencies, and Departments.

In 2007 the council of ministers of East African Community (EAC) directed port Authorities of the EAC member states to take control of the management of Inland waterways ports.

It took Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) 10 years to impliment the directive. In August 1st, 2017 Kenya Railways transferred the assets of Inland waterways ports to KPA.


The Government of Kenya has mandated KPA to redevelop, operate and maintain Inland waterways ports as public service ports.

Kisumu port is one of the Inland waterways ports, a Facility managed by the Authority, and the location MV Uhuru (ship) has been docked.

The port is at the shore of lake victoria, it is located in  Kisumu city,  a commercial hub with diverse resources in aquaculture, agriculture, tourism and transport.

Facility has been neglected, and the governce vacuum attracted a lucrative smuggling pipelines that emptied into the city, for redistribution inland.

The hardening of security at the Mombasa port, and the land borders - Busia, Malaba, Namanga meant there is an insensitive by port criminal cartels to keep the lake Victoria entry points under-invested and porous, with minimum regulatory 'footprint'.

The sabotuers underestimated government machinery and the resolve of the head of state, to see to it that the port Facility is revitilized.


Kisumu port is pivotal in connecting the lake basin counties, national, regional and international trade with inland container deports, Seaports and other lake ports, this meant revitilization of the port is a national security imparative.

It is because of this the head of state after observing resistance in revamping MV Uhuru by port Authorities, handed over the task to the Kenya Navy.

The Navy did a splendid job,  MV Uhuru that  was claimi to be defunct, is now working, with successful test runs, going and coming back from Uganda.

To mitigate the risk of MV Uhuru being vandalized by 'insiders'  at the pier, rogue officials who might seek to frastuate controls, inorder to maintain the port facility smuggling pipeline, and revenue leakages, media reports indicate that MV Uhuru is secured by a team from the Navy, and the maritime security component of the pier under the watch of the Kenya Coast Guard Service (KCGS);

"Sources told the Star the Kenya Coast Guard had taken charge of security at the port ahead of the launch.

Officers manning the gates have been given strict orders not to allow anybody to take photos or videos within the port."



"The president did not however name people who had allegedly misled him, leading to abandoning of plans to revamp Kisumu Port earlier on."

The inference that attempts have been made to mislead, and frastuate the project, is an indication that a 'red-line has been crossed'.  It's only a matter of time before we see fat cuts and authors of economic crime in court.

"Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss, George Kinoti now says his agency has unearthed crucial evidence in the ongoing crackdown on graft cartels at the port of Mombasa.

According to Kinoti, DCI has unearthed a treasure trove of information incriminating persons he described as “authors of economic crime” at the port."