16 October 2019: SITREP Why is gazette required?

Changes in rules, amendments in laws, appointments, anything which the Govt wants the general public to know are published in the Gazette. Publishing information in a gazette is a legal necessity by which official documents come into force and enter the public domain.

Case study

The board of the construction regulator has confirmed former Safaricom executive to the position of National Construction Authority (NCA) executive director that was formerly held by Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) managing director Daniel Manduku.

It's worth noting that Maurice Akech has now been gazetted;

“ In exercise of the powers conferred by section 12 (1) of the National Construction Authority Act, 2011, the National Construction Authority Board appoints Maurice Akech Otieno as the executive director of the National Construction Authority, for a period of four years, with effect from the 27 September, 2019,” said NCA vice chairperson Prof Bulitia Godrick Mathews in a gazette notice published Friday.

Curiously, he threw shade at his predecessor, who Unfortunately has also not been gazetted 14 months after his appointment;

 Mr Akech will be expected to enhance enforcement and compliance of standards at a time the agency has been on the spot amid the rise of rogue contractors and fraudsters in the sector. “We need to address issues of safety in the sector,” Mr Akech told Business Daily on Friday.



 Gazette Notification is an important legal requirement to validate, authenticate and to make effective various kinds of Laws, Acts, Rules, Orders and Government decisions

 Consequently, legally speaking one could legitimately raise a concern with the courts that the CEO of the Authority is not legally allowed to make decisions on behalf of the Authority.