16 October 2019: Analysis on Kisumu Port delay

As the Kenya Port Authority insisted the facility was ready for launch, the President took issue with the delay.

The Nation has established that the ‘overlooked’ hyacinth menace and dredging that is yet to take place may prove to be a problem in the next few months and stall port operations.



This much we know, Kenya side of the lake is heavily silted, the vessels Tanzania and Uganda are building are huge, they will require dredging of the port and the construction of a 63.1-kilometre-long canal into deep waters, complete with navigational aids  for maritime safety.


Government should hand of the port project  to the military, the military should declare the Facility a military zone, to mitigate Political inteference.

'The term 'Overlooked' in project execution, is often an indication of the presence of sabotuers, and Corruption. One wonders why it only the head of State See's delays, and  port authorities insist that the Facility is ready for lunch, yet the facts clearly supports a picture of a struggling project ?!