16 August 2019: NATO-affiliated countries assessment

The major reason NATO affiliated countries have been particularly bitter with Narco pipelines in East Africa has more to do with technology thefts by the Chinese and the proximity of Chinese Intelligence trawlers operating as civilian vessels of the coast of East Africa where the French, Americans and the British have bases.

It goes that Chinese State secutity will look the other side when Chinese triads convert it's fishing trawlers with a spread footprint in the Indian ocean to provide logistics for drugs in the high seas, in exchange for Ivory products from the East and Central Africa, while at the same time sell Intelligence to the Chinese military acquired from corrupt port Authorities in the region.

It is this pipeline that also entrenched trade based money laundering, to help traffickers conceal money trail - proceeds ( cut in Illicit trade) would be paid in Counterfeit goods, that would be cleared irregularly in CFS's and then find market in Supermarkets i.e 'Nakumat:

Leading to NATO members deploying Military applications and assets to interrupt the drug Network into East Africa.