15 August 2019: Uhuru event assessment


Threat Detection Strategy: Government apparatus - The Kenya Coast Guard Service (KCGS) built on insights of 'power theory' at the pier to infiltrate the activities of Criminal networks in Kisumu, inorder to deploy counter measures suitable to ensure the success of the launch of Kisumu port.

To disrupt the Network, the Nyanza Regional Coordinator, and the Kisumu Governor co-chaired Kisumu revitilization programs implimentation team (PIT).

Taking the wind out the network that had infiltrated KPA managment 'purposely' to cripple the project.

The 'deep state' has since embarked on 'Criminal defamation' techniques inorder to incite the public against buying into projects meant for opening up the Lake Victoria Corridor.

There's links indicating that rogue officials at the port, and related tenderprenuars locked out of the project are sponsoring adverse articles in the media, playing a narrative of  self-benefit in the revitilization of the Lake transport Corridor.




 China Squad gang

In addition, it is also emerging that gangs associated with toxic political formations are being activated.

According to street Intelligence, there are attempts by 'deep state' operatives against the 'Handshake activating soaboteurs amongst the China Squad to try and paint the Luo community negatively, and anti-regional integration

Government accomplices sponsoring these subvasive activities are officials stationed in the lake basin region, and are natives of the neighbouring counties outside Nyanza province.

These are the stabotuers that are spreading of the in political infighting within the ruling coalition.


"On the other hand, the Standard cited a looming demonstration by a number of residents against the ongoing demolition of nearly 3,000 small businesses in the area, as the reason for the postponement."