15 August 2019: Kisumu Correlation

OK there's a police report;

" That never ended the trouble. It had all started in January 2019 when police followed a lorry carrying illicit ethanol to Thika town hoping to see the final destination. The police had intelligence that the ethanol drums were hidden under sacks of maize – which had disguised the cargo as it passed through the Uganda border."



Quickly look at the correlation between the utilization of Kisumu Inland Container Depot, in contraband' trafficking, and the unwillingness of KPA chain of command to act on the  Criminal Intelligence reports shared, followed by systematic covering of the smuggling drop - point  and the accompanied managment reprisals.

It is incredible the levels of wealth amassed by port officials posted in Kisumu Station.  

Even junior Officers own trucks, cars and serious businesses that are spread between several counties, protected by corrupt local security apparatus who are on the officers beck and call.

' To be at someone's beck and call means you are ready to obey their orders or commands.'

In earlier assessments we provided pictorial evidence - A _surveillance operation_of a Truck 'suspected' to have loaded with _illicit ethanol, and also mixed with botlege Maize, that ended up conterminating  cereals stored at the national cereals and produce board facility in Kisumu facilities in Kisumu.  

The smuggling pipelines used by this criminal network, is the same pipeline Corrupt port Officers aids traffickers exploit.