15 August 2019: Criminal Profile

There's is your KPA Officer, associated with gang activities, An union employee, very wealthy, with unexplained wealth.

From his own accounts he states that he has served in Kisumu station for 20 years as a civil servant avoiding to mention Kisumu  port facilities, known in the region as a hotbed for Illicit activities.

He blames politics for gangs burning his house, and Vehicles ?!

He owns houses in Kisumu. Intelligence indicate that in 2015 when Kisumu depot was decommissioned, he recruited the very gangs he fallout with to loot KPA Facility.

He built his houses with materials looted out of the KPA facility, this included expensive specialized tools that he leases out to machanics, machinery and fuel products that he siphoned, and replaced the tanks with water.

He is also linked to utility diversions, illegally renting out KPA premises to gangs, to use as staging areas for Criminal activities.

A case in point is Siphoning of fuel out of Kenya Petroleum Corporation pipelines in Kibos, Kisumu ICD.

He is also partners with other rogue officials in contraband'trafficking, money laundering and related Business at entry points.

He is the contact person between the gangs, and Corrupt security people in the border region's. He has served in the administration police unit in the, before cartels secured him placement with KPA security department, and planted him in Kisumu ICD/ and now port.

Curiously, because of myraid Cases of conlusion, there was an attempt to transfer him out of Kisumu.

His Criminal network stalled the  transfer, the 'then' immidiate former head of secutity Services transferred the officer out of security Department.

Shockingly, the officer was retained and reappointed as a caretaker of all assets of the Authority in the Kisumu station.

Not long after, reports of looting and Illicit spread was linked back to him.

It thus came as no surprise - that Street Intelligence indicate that gangs took advantage of politics to effect reprisals.

Word has it that he hired gangs to be looting scrap metal from Kisumu Depot, and then refused to pay them. This included drainage covers which he used in repairing his trucks, and houses, and other metals stolen from the Railways infrastructure in conivance with rogue Railways people and security apparatus.

He is the link between the 19 gangs in Kisumu, and government accomplices. He is a victim of gang rivlaries as he identifies with China Squad gang activities, in the exclusion of the other 18 gangs i.e American marine gang, prodominately local. Whereas the China Squad gang is linked to rogue security apparatus.