11 October 2019: Mombasa Port illicit activities

To understand the heroin trade in East Africa, it's imparative to appreciate the criminal achitecture of smuggling pipelines.

Senior port security officers, many who are formerly port police officers  have been sitting on Intelligence observable reports, shared by Employee and port users.

Numerous cases of Illicit activities executed right inside the port have been provided to Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) managment, only for the reports to be leaked back to the Criminal gangs.

Investigations has since established that  a notorious car theft syndicate that operates at the heart of Mombasa port is also linked to drug trafficking networks.

This syndicate is linked to a similar outfit in Nairobi, the gangs are facilitate by a leaking security system to sneak into the port old vehicle tyres, in cahoots with senior port security officers, and corrupt junior Officers who were recently employed - a matter that attracted the interests of investigative agencies.

With reports that the Authority is being probed over hiring hundreds of security officers, a matters that died a 'natural death' given the influence of the syndicate  .


The port gangs replace the new tyres, with worn out tyres - with suspicion that the new tryes and used in concealment of drugs.

The old ones are sanitized ones,  with clients from the neighborhouring countries loosing millions of shillings through theft that includes spares and other car assesociers which are replaced  worn out spares.

This syndicate is worth millions it is transregional, and Transnational Organized crime - with a staging area right at the heart of Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) headquarters.

The notorious outfit regularly gives kickbacks to port officials, and shipping agents to enable  the syndicate operate freely - both in Mombasa port, and in Nairobi - Inland Container Depot.

This is the 'gang' that organized the recent demonstrations in Mombasa island over the SGR directives.

This gang is also linked to a fuel Siphoning syndicate at the container terminal, and associated bid rigging of the oils/fuels tenders, with Intelligence indicate that the gangs are working in cahoots with rogue suppliers to paint national oil unfavourably, inorder to wrestle the fuel supply tender to groups linked to the syndicate.

The gang modus operandi is to smuggling out fuel, which is often replaced with water and other contamination.

The syndicate is a ruthless, dangerous outfit with links to port administration, protected by political "godfather's  across the political divide, who use their influence to ensure rogue officers who make up the syndicate are 'administratively protected' and the whistleblower's subjected to managment reprisals.

Corrupt security officers and operations managers are tasked with the criminals to deploy rogue officials in areas that are sensitive, such as in CCTV Operators, and the  supervisory  levels to reward the Corrupt with unjustified overtime to cover-up proceeds of crime.

 Corrupt senior Officers are  tasked by the criminal syndicates to deploy or transfer employees with integrity issues into sensitive cycles of security arrangements.

And those deemed uncooperative 'victimized and isolated'. The Capture of port port apparatus is total, emerging as a threat to national security, and corporate interests.

 There's also additional concern that the tyres whose clips is circulating in the social media is  linked to drug trafficking.

Tyres  replacement at the ports are often associated with concealment of narcotics, and other contraband - example;


It is imparative that Government holds ports Officers accountable for entrenched organized crime. Corporate Governance weaknesses manifest through the syndicates