Consulting & Kisiizi Orphanage


Global Risk has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to crisis intervention, including extortion and kidnap mitigations.

We can plan for all contingencies, from theft to terrorist attack. We will work alongside you to compose a plan, assessing all areas of vulnerability, which will then help to minimize the losses caused by a crisis.

We are also able to prepare business continuity plans, which are tailored to each individual needs.

Prior to any assignment a full assessment is made of the clients needs.

No matter where or what your problem is, or the nature of the threat, we will ensure that the threat is eliminated and that your life and your business will continue as normal.

We are also Global anti terrorism and child protection experts.

We are Guardians to Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphanage in Uganda. The orphanage was founded in 2011 by Simon and Catherine Akatwijuka ( husband and wife ). They were, and are, committed to improving the quality of life for 150 orphans who long for a brighter future, love and safety. Many of the childen in this region have endured severe hardship and hostilities. Their traumatic experiences are as a result of years of civil war waged by brutal warlords. Many parents have been brutally murdered along with their siblings.

We are proud to partner with the orphanage, and others, to provide on going support that will assist this war torn region back on the road to peace, stability, economic development and reconciliation. Please visit their website and give generously. The are in need of personal contact and love as well as food, water, clothes, books and education.