Australia & New Zealand - APAC Regional Charter


TGS Australia & New Zealand - APAC Regional Charter

Global Risk International / TGS Australia & New Zealand are well positioned in the design, delivery, implementation, monitoring and Evaluation of our services to our highly valued clients. Achieving and collaborating with the best carefully vetted Public and Private organisations within the security service industry for identified projects.

The services we can provide, include:

Uniformed Security (Guards)

Private Military resources with many varying experts

Armored vehicles (high and low profile)

Covert operative

Maritime Security


Criminal/ Civil investigators

Crisis intervention (extortion and kidnap mitigation)

Security Managers

Test purchasing

Close Protection


We have the capability to assess and react to bio terrorism.

We have available for clients, when requested, cargo / personnel aircraft or personal fast jet capabilities - we operate these facilities on a global scale. 

Our Regional Director, John Raciti, will ensure you have a professional service.

H. E. Dr. Giovanni John Raciti. Honorary

Military Peacekeepers International Corps

The Military of Peace International Corps (MPIC) was created in 2013, in USA. In 2014 MPIC became a solidarity cooperation and international  organization recognized by U.N. Our N.G.O. was granted a Status with the ECOSOC. The organization gathers civilians and soldiers (notably former Blue Helmets) who have carried out Peacekeeping Operations under the U.N. aegis since 1948. 

Our deminers and personnel remain at the disposal of the U.N. and have served in different operations in countries such as Angola, Bosnia and Cambodia. Some members of our association are also qualified in other areas of mine action such as mine-free and explosive remnants of war - related advocacy, Victim (survivor) Assistance ,  and Mine Risk Education (MRE).

SPIC operates in mine-related emergency and humanitarian development and particularly in the following areas of mine action :

Mine Risk Education (MRE)

Mine Clearance, Survey, Quality Assessment, etc.

Assistance and Training for Stockpile destruction

Victim (Survivor) Assistance and assistance in the promulgation of Victim Assistance Legislation

Mine and Explosive Remnants of War-related advocacy.

Current Actions, Missions and Projects

SPIC has just launched a Socio-economic Victim Assistance  Rehabilitation Program in Angola and is collecting funds for similar initiatives in Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Uganda.

In Angola, SPIC started an MRE program in January 2015 with a local partner, who has the particularity to involve mine survivors in its MRE teams.

In USA and Europe, SPIC participates to advocate efforts led by the Cluster Munition Coalition.

In the past, SPIC carried out other mine-related activities in countries such Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Lebanon.